Monday, July 6, 2015

Playcation 2015

This year we played a lot of AWI and WW2.   As usual, click the picture to get a larger version  (we all know how the internet works by now, right?).

First off was a what if "Battle of the Professionals" AWI  between French and British.
 The British, with a numbers advantage, head for a French defensive position.
 The French have a 2:1 gun advantage.
 British cavalry on the right flank.
 The British advance goes smoothly while in round shot range.

 Once they reach grape shot range the casualties begin to mount quickly.
 French cav looking flashy.
 Supported by infantry, the French cav charge the flank to counter the British cav and light infantry.
 A wholesale slaughter leaves a single French unit in command of the flank hill.
One fresh British unit manages to make it to the French guns but they loose the melee and the battle is won by the French.

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