Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some more Summer games

Finally got around to uploading pics of games played back in June.

 WW2 game using Disposable Heroes rules.  28mm
 The US is attacking a German held town.  All the ugly yellow slips of paper are potential hidden German units.  Some were decoys.

 The Germans inflicted a lot of casualties and didn't lose any armor but in the end the US held more obejective points for the win.
 Another 28mm AWI game using home modified "This Very Ground" rules for big battles.
 This time was another "professional" fight with Hessians vs a mixed force of French and USA.
 US and French forces setup behind a blind.
 French cavalry and grenadiers push up the right flank.
 American regulars attack in the center.
 US militia attemptes to flank on the left but they have a long duel with Hessian Jaegers who eventually fall back.
 Towards the end, the French throw their weight into the center and right flank.
 The Hessians are left with a few weak units on the right and their center in full retreat.
One more WW2 game set up.   I forget how this one turned out.

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