Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nothing but Star Wars....

Ok so I jumped on the X-Wing game band wagon a few weeks back but have just managed to have the first game(s) today.
A 75pt. meeting engagement between Darth Vader and 3 Ties from rank 1, 3 and 8 vs.  Luke, another named X wing pilot (forgot the name but he was skill 6) and a Y-wing controlled by a pilot with the unencouraging rating of 2.  That left 3 points for some random upgrades that never ended up featuring in the game.
First game had a lot of manuevering, lots of evading and the empire slowly chiseled away at the the rebel shields and hulls until only Luke was left and we decided he would "Fly Away!".
We swaped sides and kept the same set up.  This time the contact came about much faster and some unlucky die rolls (3 blank evasion dice in a row- twice!) meant 3 ties bit the dust by turn 3 leaving poor Darth alone and overwhelmed so again we decided he would spin off into the sunset.
A very fun game.  Will certainly do more with some more structure in the future. 
"Space" mat can be had at Wal Mart for about $5 a yard.

In space, no one can see your creases.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fallout GURPS: The Kingston Overfiend

Another installment in the Fallout GURPS RPG campaign.
This time the Vault 77 squadron has found the location of an old sewer tunnel network that will get them from the ruins of Kingston into the fortified parts.
Of course, the path has its own dangers.

Upon arriving at the entry building the troopers witness a gathering of local tribes that are presenting captives as tribute to some unknown being called the Flesh Mother.  The flesh mother is represented by some tribal shaman but the gateway is guarded by a super-mutant.

The Vault 77 troopers follow one of the tribes and after a brief exchange of bullets they have a captive and return to the Shaman and attempt to bluff their way in by offering their own sacrifice from the "Lucky 7s" tribe.
While this discussion goes on, the scout Winston takes aim with a sniper rifle from the shadows.  His first shot at the super mutant goes awry when the mutant by chance lifts the sacrifice into the bullets path.  The follow up shot renders the beast unconcious.  The shaman is dispatched but his other acolyte escapes under a smoke screen.

The squad then moves into the sewer network, where the come across the Flesh Mother's lair.  The sacrifices are all marinating in a meat sack of unknown properties.  Negotiations with the super mutant guard head south quickly and the alarm is raised.  A brief firefight results in 4 dead super mutants.

The flesh mother is a bizarre half flesh half cybernetic machine that produces super mutants out of the sacrificial humans but the process is incomprehensible- especially since the fiend is unceremoniously disintegrated by small arms fire.  Although the Kingston Overfiend has been defeated, its mission and who placed it there renains a mystery.

Travelling further on into the sewers the team comes upon a pool of water that contains mirelurks and the remains of Vault 77 medical officer Jenny Holland- her arm and pipboy computer.  Strangely enough the pipboy is still transmitting text messages to the team from the conciousness of Jenny which has somehow been stored in the pipboy- at least until it runs out of power.

The team ends on the verge of exiting into fortified New Kingston.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fallout GURPS: Kingston Ambush

Another installment in the Hudson Valley Fallout campaign using old school GURPS rules.  This time the vault dwellers are headed back to base in their APC when it is ambushed by a platoon of Canadian Queen's Rangers in the ruins of Kingston.
As the APC rounds a corner it hits a land mine, busting a track.

Scout Sniper Uncas attempts to reverse out of the ambush zone but rolls a critical failure and gets the vehicle stuck.  He then bails out while Corporal Mara uses the rocket launcher to...

...blow up the barricade down the street.

Queens rangers swarm around the buildings on all sides.

As the team debuses under fire they are ambushed from all sides.  Fortuneatly they are armed mostly with primitive hunting rifles and only light wounds are sustained.

2 Elite Rangers flank around the ambush site but one is killed by Uncas sniper rifle and another is felled by a dramatic face shot an instant before he was about to open fire on one of the NPC's.

In a last desperate gamble the Rangers charge through a smoke screen at the APC.

They are cut down in a hail of automatic weapons fire and the remaining troops withdraw to give a disappointing report to the Queen of Quebec.   The vault dwellers have a brief respite in which to repair their APC and formulate their next move.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playcation 2012
AWI games



Boer War



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fallout/Morrow Project/ Post Apocalyptic fun

The beginings of our Fallout campaign.  Vault 77 in the Hudson Valley has been trading peacefully with the local communities for several years.  Recently some new forces have been raiding in the area and the last patrol lost communication.  The next patrol has been sent out of the vault and their first task is to get to their all-terrain vehicle that is in a nearby bunker.  Some raiders have set up camp outside the bunker as they try to devise some way to get inside.  They obviously have to go.  The resulting combat was one sided due to the Vaulters better weapons and element of surprise.
Equipt with their new wheels (and tracks) the Vaulters head out into the wasteland...

The toys:  28mm figures from Em4, Foundry and Copplestone,  MBA bunker, some random barricades made by combatpainter.