Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Untamed Waterfowl: A DH variant

This was a 28mm game set in Africa, sometime in the 60-70s in an unspecified country.  A platoon of professionals, mounted in trucks and one armored car was tasked with capturing/destroying/rescuing up to 3 objectives on the table.  The local boys club had to defend them, with their motley mix of troops ranging from experienced soldiers down to "rabble".  They were supported by 2 Toyota pick ups mounting .50 cals.

 On the west side the locals are tearing up the mercs.
 The bold local command team goes on the attack and threatens the mercs flank.
 On the east side however, the rabble troops prove easy to rattle and they flee their positions when faced with heavy MG fire.

 The merc scout car makes it to the fuel dump and blows it up.  1 objective point so far.
 On the west the locals have destroyed the merc attack.  There will be no chance for the mercs to capture their banker.  1 point to the locals.
 All that remains is the hostage.  1 merc manages to get to him and lead him to almost safety, but then goes down to enemy fire.
 The locals throw everything they have left in an attempt to kill or pin the last merc near the hostage to deny them the victory point.
The last ditch effort:  Locals command squad dashes out and takes a shot with their sniper rifle.  They miss and the merc passes his morale check to spirit the hostage to safety.  Victory to the Untamed Waterfowl.

Friday, July 4, 2014

DH WW2 game

Disposable Heroes WW2 game in 28mm.
1 platoon of US paratroops with bazooka team and 4 man command
2 Shermans and 1 halftrack
1 platoon of German Heer with sniper team and 4 man command
1 panzer IV and 1 Marder and 1 halftrack
The objectives:  A village on the left, a farm on the right and hedgerows in between.

German command elects to stay in the halftrack.
US teams advance to the hedgerow.  The sherman moves up to the corner..
..and is promptly hit by a panzerfaust, putting it out of action.
on the right the other Sherman edges down the road.
The Panzer 4 lines up on it but misses.
In the village the paratroops have occupied the buildings, but the Marder moves up.
It acquires the infantry in the building and lights them up with HE.  The US command and 1 section are destroyed.
The bazooka team moves up but gets pinned down by MG42 fire.

Next turn they rally and manage to get a shot off...
...into the P4 turret, setting off some ammo and killing the crew.
 2 sections of paras move into the farm.  A section of Germans moves in to oppose them.  The German command drives their hanomag into the courtyard, catching a US section in the open and handles it roughly with their MG42.

 Back in the village the US and Germans are whittling each other down with a building to building shootout.
 Finally the Americans get suppressed and the German squad charges across to close assault.  It is desperate but leaves the Germans in control of the village.
 Hoping to gain the farm objective by game end, the US loads their halftrack and makes a dash for the courtyard.
 The Marder spots it, but misses with its gun (by 1!)
 The half track's luck runs out as a faust hits it jn the side, killing most of the occupants and suppressing the rest.
Last turn:  The Germans have reduced the paras to 1 section and managed to cut all the reinforcements so they hold the farm 2:1 and the village.  German victory.