Monday, February 24, 2014

The White Cloaks: Battle of Lake Clove

 The Templar War Otter "Luxemborg" has been running from two Basque War sepents for several hours, drawing them upriver to their base.  Finally the trap is sprung-  a smoke screen conceals the 2 other war otters that emerge and run at the enemy, prepared to ram and board them.
 Luck is with the Templar, they score hits, dismount the enemies ballista and boarding action commences.
 The Luxemborg drops boarding ramps and the men go in.

 On the Command deck, the Luxemborg's ballista has missed with every precious exploding fireball bolt they had, except the last one...
...which scores a hit on the enemy command deck and starts a fire.
 The Templars take the forecastle, despite some losses.  The enemy commander, Lord Jose Matamoros, demands single combat with Sir Hiffin, who obliges.  The feign and parry for several rounds until Sir Hiffin lands a devastating impalement through Sir Matamoros cheek, leaving him reeling.  Sir Hiffin follows with a crippling blow to his weapon hand, ending the fight and Matamoros strikes his colors and surrenders the ship.
Out in the river the Doorman and Dezevin have also taken their prize after a desperate boarding action that went either way for a while.

This is a homegrown fantasy RPG setting using GURPS (old versions) for the roleplaying and single combats and 28mm figures from Old Glory, Crusader, Black Tree, some old lines I forget like Grenadier/copplestone.  Naval rules are homemade.  Ships were made from foam core shortly before the game so sadly I didn't get a chance to paint them.