Monday, March 14, 2011

Mongrel 28mm Congo Mercs

Congo Mercs with Uzis
Comparison with The Assault Group Modern Africa figs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cold Wars 2011

Just returned from the Cold Wars (that were actually a very pleasant mid 50's).  As usual this was a shopping trip for me though there were some interesting games being run but my pictures turned out too horrible to post.
The start of all good things.  None near home so its always a junk food treat.
The dealer hall. 
Loot pile.  The usual production requirements, Perry "stash" boxes and the Mongrel Congo miniatures which have been so hard to find.  Movement trays from GF9 were at a price too good to refuse.
A close up of the Mongel Congo mercs with Uzis.  Haven't seen any pictures of this set before so here's one for cyberspace.

All in all most happy with the Congo mercs.  They are being sold by a company called Badger Games and it appears they plan to release more figures in the future but their website is not up yet.
Congo Codes:
001 African Mercenary Personalities
002 African Mercenary Command 1
003 African Mercenary Command 2

004 Congo Merc Infantry with Rifle Advancing
005 Congo Merc Infantry with Rifle Advancing and Firing
006 Congo Merc Infantry with Rifle Skirmishing
007 Congo Merc Infantry with Uzis
008 Congo Merc Infantry with Thompson, BAR and Brens
009 Congo Merc Heavy MG Team Advancing
010 Congo Merc Heavy MG Team Prone Firing

The codes in red are not out yet.

Monday, March 7, 2011

WW2 Disposable Heroes game

This is a WW2 Disposable Heroes game played a while ago.  The US Paratroops are a mix of Battle Honors, West Wind, Black Tree and Artizan.  I like the Artizan best but I had the others long before they were born (even before the HBO series) so they all have to get along now.

The observant will note that I failed to take the plastic wrap off the building's floor.  Must have got that from my grandmother who kept her furniture the same way.
A Battle Honors .30 cal team being guided by an Artizan NCO.
Battle Honors command section and Black Tree bazooka team dug in behind the estate wall.
The German attackers.  I couldn't find my box of summer Germans that day so many of these figures have great coats and "mud bases" ( I could never fully commit to doing snow.)