Sunday, May 10, 2015

GURPs: The Lost Librarian , part 1

This was a short sideshow adventure based on a d20 module I found cheap on ebay.  Taking place in the pirate city of Cove.
Our two PCs arrive fresh off the boat.  Looking for work they head to the nearest tavern, where they are approached by a priest of Arken to find a lost friend.
(Ok, I will admit, this whole adventure is just a showcase for this pirate card game vignette I have had sitting on the shelf for years)
They search the missing librarians house for clues.
Noticing that an old crone across the street has been watching them, Rogerina sneaks in and acosts the poor old woman until she tells them all she knows.
Following the trail to a local gang, they enter the tavern where the gang leader holds court.
Things go to combat quickly and our heroes are making short work of the rabble, when two quick criticals reverse their fortunes and make the combat desperate.
Claude the dwarf decides it is time to use his dwarven technology and draws his revolver.  Lying on the ground, he deftly clears out their foes with one shot each.
Unfortunately he has also dispatched all their leads to the missing librarian.
To be continued. ....someday.

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