Sunday, August 3, 2014

GURPS: Attacked by undead pirates in limbo

Continuing the mission to rescue the King from limbo.  The party is aboard the strange gnomish ship traveling through the nether when they suffer an engine failure.  Sabotage?
As they ponder their options,  the undead pirates that have been trailing them this past week break from the clouds.
Their ships are lower tech, but there are a lot of them, and each ship has a chaos bomb capable of destroying the ship if they can get close enough to plant it on the hull.

The gnome ship is immobilzed in the nether due to engine failure.
Three pirate sloops race towards it, eager to plant their chaos mines.  The autocannon blows one apart.
The others flank around the gnome ship.  The pirate frigate manuevers to bring its broadside into range.
The frigate's broadside damages the gnome ship- jamming one of the autocannons and almost killing the gazool boy sensor operator.  There is no choice but to use the precious magma torpedoes.  Sampson guides it true and the second torpedo finds the magazine and destroys the frigate.
Big Jack, Sampson and Ingram go out on deck to repel the skeleton boarders who are trying to attach a mine.
With only one autocannon working, the PCs are slow to reduce the remaining pirate sloops.  One of them survives a barrage with one hull point left and manages to get its grappling lines attached.
At the last moment the autocannon smashes the sloops hull to splinters, spilling the skeletons into the nether.  In a last act of defiance they trigger their chaos mine.  Although not directly against the gnome ship it does cause some more damage and gives Sampson and Ingram some minor burns.
The pirates defeated, the ship waits for the rendezvous with the Mycanoids and the marooned gnome crew.

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