Sunday, August 24, 2014

Across a Deadly Field: ACW game

15mm game using the new "Across a Deadly Field" rules from Osprey.  Our first go with these rules so it was a bit slow and hindered by multiple charts and unnecessary abbreviations.  By the end I think we got the hang of it and I think I see where the author is coming from ( and guiding us).

This game was basically a test out the rules slug fest and my vandalous nature made me try to break them by trying some absurd stunts.  The rules didn't accomodate such antics and I failed miserably.
Lessons learned:  the combat only gets very deadly when you get VERY close (as in try to charge into melee).  Probably works best with even amount of players to keep everyone involved (due to the reaction system).


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    1. Thanks Mike. I will try to get some commentary added soon. Too hard to do from the smart phone..

  2. Beautiful table and miniatures courtesy of Mr. Bernhard.