Saturday, September 6, 2014

Warhammer Ancient Battles: El Cid

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Spanish on the left, Moors on the right

Spanish Jinettes on their left flank
Black Gurad infantry and the Emir and his Elite Guard cavalry
2 Mixed units Berber spear and bow

The Spanish Jinettes and Berber light cavalry clash, sending the Berber packing
They charge some Spanish archers, sending them home

They are in turn charged by Spanish spearmen.  Their "figned flight" turns real when I roll too high- sending them off the table. :(
The Spanish Knights line up on the Black Guard, suffering a couple of casualties from flanking Skirmishers

The Spanish Order Knights crash into the Black Guard, along with a flank charge from the Jinettes.

The Black Guard can't hold on, they flee the field.  Two other moorish skirmish units are so disheartened they also start to flee.  Things are looking grim for the Moors.
The Hasham Guard Cavalry routes the Cabaellors.
 The Emir’s Guard Cavalry crushed the massive unit of Spanish Militia cavalry and then sufficiently threatened the Spanish center as to draw off both their Knightly order cavalry and their Jintes. The result of said action was to contest one of the quarters of the boards while vacating one of the Moorish sector’s returning it to their control (a net swing of several hundred points).
In the center Moorish spearmen slammed into the flank of a massive Spanish Spear block that had redeployed to face the threat of the Emir’s cavalry. Moorish skirmishers then proceeded to so harry the routing spearmen that they were driven off board.
The valiant skirmishers then proceeded to so attrite the Spanish guard that it valiantly launched a near suicidal frontal attack upon the victorious Moorish spearmen.
At the game’s end the Spaniards force consisted of but two units (Crusaders and Jintes) along with contesting one quarter of the table.
The Moors had four units (two infantry blocks, the Guard Cavalry and some skirmishers) as well as complete control of three sectors and contested control of the forth. On unit points alone it was probably close to a major victory while inclusion of sectors would most assuredly have led to such a conclusion.-  (Thanks to Jay for this write up)

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