Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Play-cation photos: Extended Edition

AWI 28mm Perry/Foundry mix

 Queens Rangers flank some Continentals.

Dr. Who is shot down by a Dalek as he attempts to reverse the polarity on the Dalek Pulse Generator Station.  Jelly babies fly everywhere.


AWI.  Riflemen snipe from the woods.

An African merc game setup.

The locals venture out to find the mercs.

The Colonel, hostage in hand, attempts to negotiate his way out.

Major Tom is having none of it.  He has not been authorized to negotiate on behalf of his client.

Narrowly surviving an Uzi burst, he tosses a grenade into the house to break the final resistance.

A Mahdi held town awaits the British in an 1880ish Sudan game.

Straight ahead, boys!

The Fuzzies come out to meet the English head on.

An African merc game.  28mm Assault group figs.

Another successful mission for Major Tom.  The alternate candidate is rescued from his cell.

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