Thursday, May 19, 2011

Battles from the May play-cation

Imperial stormtroopers come over the hill at some rebel scum.  28mm Perry's.  Rules were modified Disposable Heroes/This Very Ground.
Doctor Who and U.N.I.T. soldiers attempt to destroy the Dalek pulse generator station.  Rules and figures from Black Tree Design's Dr. Who series.

British troops, flanked by Queens Rangers, advance on American postions.

"Undomesticated Water Fowl".  Mercenaries attack an African warlord's compound.

An African warlord's fort and town before a Merc assault.
Sudan 1880s game.  Figures Ral Partha 25mm from the 1980s.

another view of the Sudan game.  Egyptian troops assault a Mahdist walled town.

Mercs (Dr. Who U.N.I.T. figures) free Dr. Okoya from the Evil Dictator's prison cells.

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