Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fallout/Morrow Project/ Post Apocalyptic fun

The beginings of our Fallout campaign.  Vault 77 in the Hudson Valley has been trading peacefully with the local communities for several years.  Recently some new forces have been raiding in the area and the last patrol lost communication.  The next patrol has been sent out of the vault and their first task is to get to their all-terrain vehicle that is in a nearby bunker.  Some raiders have set up camp outside the bunker as they try to devise some way to get inside.  They obviously have to go.  The resulting combat was one sided due to the Vaulters better weapons and element of surprise.
Equipt with their new wheels (and tracks) the Vaulters head out into the wasteland...

The toys:  28mm figures from Em4, Foundry and Copplestone,  MBA bunker, some random barricades made by combatpainter.


  1. Looks like fun! But you need a tripod!

  2. It was fun. The guard on the roof was the only one paying attention.

    You should have gotten shots of assaulting party!