Monday, September 3, 2012

Fallout GURPS: The Kingston Overfiend

Another installment in the Fallout GURPS RPG campaign.
This time the Vault 77 squadron has found the location of an old sewer tunnel network that will get them from the ruins of Kingston into the fortified parts.
Of course, the path has its own dangers.

Upon arriving at the entry building the troopers witness a gathering of local tribes that are presenting captives as tribute to some unknown being called the Flesh Mother.  The flesh mother is represented by some tribal shaman but the gateway is guarded by a super-mutant.

The Vault 77 troopers follow one of the tribes and after a brief exchange of bullets they have a captive and return to the Shaman and attempt to bluff their way in by offering their own sacrifice from the "Lucky 7s" tribe.
While this discussion goes on, the scout Winston takes aim with a sniper rifle from the shadows.  His first shot at the super mutant goes awry when the mutant by chance lifts the sacrifice into the bullets path.  The follow up shot renders the beast unconcious.  The shaman is dispatched but his other acolyte escapes under a smoke screen.

The squad then moves into the sewer network, where the come across the Flesh Mother's lair.  The sacrifices are all marinating in a meat sack of unknown properties.  Negotiations with the super mutant guard head south quickly and the alarm is raised.  A brief firefight results in 4 dead super mutants.

The flesh mother is a bizarre half flesh half cybernetic machine that produces super mutants out of the sacrificial humans but the process is incomprehensible- especially since the fiend is unceremoniously disintegrated by small arms fire.  Although the Kingston Overfiend has been defeated, its mission and who placed it there renains a mystery.

Travelling further on into the sewers the team comes upon a pool of water that contains mirelurks and the remains of Vault 77 medical officer Jenny Holland- her arm and pipboy computer.  Strangely enough the pipboy is still transmitting text messages to the team from the conciousness of Jenny which has somehow been stored in the pipboy- at least until it runs out of power.

The team ends on the verge of exiting into fortified New Kingston.


  1. Gruesome story, but it serves her right... Jenny Holland should have dated me!

  2. That would have stayed my wraith!