Saturday, February 28, 2015

Black Powder: Rebellion, Battle of White Plains

A 28mm game of AWI using the Black Powder rules and a scenario from the "Rebellion" supplement.
As usual I am about 5 years behind the times and this was my first game of Black Powder.
This scenario is actually Chatterton's Hill, Washington's right flank at the battle.  The formidable Bronx River stands between the rebel scum and the King's justice.

 The Royal left flank.  The Hessian brigade begins the approach to the ford.
 British guns in the center.
 The British right is Jagers, cavalry and elite infantry (being portrayed by Queens Rangers in tonight's performance due to a painting scheduling conflict).
 The US right flank is heavy with wavering militia, levy and a continental unit.

 The British push across in the center.
 Then the "unreliable" militia begins the beat down.  First one British unit flees from the intense shooting, quickly followed by a Hessian unit.
A British unit crosses the ford and enters melee with some levy which handles them roughly and sees them retire back across the river.

 Finnaly the Hessians emerge from the woods and the rebel right flank begins to withdraw.
 On the other flank the British cavalry threaten to flank the Yankee line.
 A prompt American counter attack checks the cavalry and sends the British back across the river.
 (I couldn't find my bridge and this sad piece of balsa wood had to suffice.  :/  )
 The cavalry redirects and sets up to charge across the bridge.
 They manage a good command roll and charge the Yankee gun crew.
 The grape shot tears at them but they remain steady and close with the enemy.
The cavalry is victorious in the melee. The fleeing US crew is the last straw and the general retreat begins.
White Plains belongs to the King again!

A close game going down to turn 11 of 12.  The US almost held out.

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