Sunday, June 29, 2014

The White Cloaks: Yojimbo mission

Under the command of Sir/Father Wolfgang, a lance of Templar has gone to the Carpathian foothills to investigate a Burgermeister's claim that the local priest has arrested his daughter and accused her of witchcraft. 
Arriving at the hill village they find the Burgermeister and the local priest have both fortified their residences against the other.
Father Wolfgang learns that over the last two months, two youths have gone missing from the village.  The local priest used his diviniation and determined that the burgermeister's daughter was the culprit and arrested her.
Father Wolfgang next went to the church to speak with the priest and see the "witch" for himself, but was denied entry with his weapons.
After negotiations reach a stalemate, Father Wolfgang decides to enter the church by force.

Fashioning a makeshift battering ram, the Father and his men cross the road from the Burgermeister's manor towards the church.
The Priest sees them coming, and unleashes a lightning bolt that cripples one of the trooper's legs.

Father Wolfgang calls for backup and soon they are smashing the church door down with the ram.
Treachery!  The dastardly priest has taken the time used making the ram to throw up a barricade in the entrance. 
Father Wolfgang and the priest trade flash spells.
Father Wolfgang has read Hiffin's primer on leadership (at least he was seen taking it into the privy...) and decides he will lead from the front.  First man into the breach he scales the obstacle...only to be struck in the leg by a lightning bolt that leaves his leg twisted and burning  (18 Health roll!)
Father Wolfgang pulls back and his squire, Mugabe, makes the next attempt to cross.  He slips on some debris and lands at a kneel at the bottom of the pile.  He is poked several times by the fanatical farmers and their sharp sticks.
Father Wolfgang uses his levitation spell to get back in the fight.  He floats over the barricade, using a flash spell that blinds the evil snipers ( with crossbows) behind.  Mugabe uses his speed to outmanuever the evil cultists  ( with cheap weapons) and bashes into the store room where the "witch" is being held.
The evil priest tries to use a command spell to get Father Wolfgang t cease hostilities, but Wolfgang resists!  He sends his holy blade deep into the priests belly, killing him.  The priest's mass charm spell broken, the remaining cultists quickly surrender.
Mugabe rescues the princess (er...witch).
"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"
Later that night another farm is raided.  In the morning the White cloaks track the attackers to a Valdish roadhouse.
They discover a dozen horsemen inside, but can't determine if they are the culprits.
While they are watching the roadhouse, two Valders come riding in during the night.  Deciding they are up to no good,  Father and Mugabe ride to intercept them.  Sequence!  The Valders shoot arrows to little effect.  Mugabe spears his man through before he can sound his horn.  Father Wolfgang takes on the leader, boldly parrying several wicked slashes to his face while returning several deep blows in  kind.  The Valder slides from his horse and expires with a gurgle.
Father Wolfgang leafs through his prayer book,  "Don't I have speak with dead?!"

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