Monday, March 10, 2014

Armati: Dacians vs. Romans

15mm game of Armati.   Dacians vs. Trajanic Romans.  Cos, New Steve and Original Steve commanded the smelly hordes while Ian and I commanded the Romans in an attempt to save civilization and pizza from the barbarian scourge.
100pts of options were used.
The Dacians brought along some cataphracts while the Romans brought their cataphract and light horse archer allies and some extra cohorts with their points.
Initial deployment.  The cavalry ended up facing off against each other on the (Roman's) right.  Roman terrain was a gentle rise on the left which hid (if obvious) some skirmishers.  Dacian terrain was some rough ground on their right which anchored their flank.

The Roman cohorts advance against the long Dacian line.  Dacian light troops move into the rough ground to threaten the flank.

The cavalry square off against each other.  The Romans have already suffered 2 missile casualties so it is expected to be a one sided affair.

As expected the Roman heavy cav is quickly dispatched while the cataphracts slug it out.  The Roman general bravely relocates to the other side of the field.  The Roman horse archers make it around behind the Dacian cavalry and manage to drag the fight out for some time.

The Roman and Dacian lines meet and there is much rejoicing.

The Roman skirmish and light troops go into the rough ground and fight off the Dacian lights, opening the left flank up to 2 units of Dacians that are uncontrolled (can't move on their own).

I had to leave at that point but the Roman historians inform me that the cohorts won the battle on the left just barely and then hit the uncontrolled Dacians in the flank, scoring enough army break points to win.

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