Monday, March 7, 2011

WW2 Disposable Heroes game

This is a WW2 Disposable Heroes game played a while ago.  The US Paratroops are a mix of Battle Honors, West Wind, Black Tree and Artizan.  I like the Artizan best but I had the others long before they were born (even before the HBO series) so they all have to get along now.

The observant will note that I failed to take the plastic wrap off the building's floor.  Must have got that from my grandmother who kept her furniture the same way.
A Battle Honors .30 cal team being guided by an Artizan NCO.
Battle Honors command section and Black Tree bazooka team dug in behind the estate wall.
The German attackers.  I couldn't find my box of summer Germans that day so many of these figures have great coats and "mud bases" ( I could never fully commit to doing snow.)

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