Sunday, December 19, 2010

First game(s) of Sharp Practice (FIW)

Finally got to try out the Sharp Practice rules with two friends.  We used them for the French and Indian War period, so they were slightly modified for period flavor and streamlined a bit to make it easier on us "learners" to get the hang of things.
As referee I designed a mini-campaign around a fictitious area of upper NY state.  Both sides were given obejectives and a set amount of forces and made secret moves on a strategic map.  When forces ran into each other we set up a tabletop battle.
The first skirmish was a by chance encounter between a group of French allied Indians and British light infantry and Rangers who happened to bump into each other while trying to sneak around the flanks.  It was our first battle with the rules so helped get us familiar with the set.
The British force was about twice as big but the Indians were able to move faster and grab the high ground.  Fire was exchanged for several turns until the British numbers began to tell and the Indians eventually withdrew with some casualties.

The second game had the main French column crossing a bridge into a British settler village that was defended by 2 units of militia.  This was a hopeless situation for the British player but it was interesting to see how long they could hold out.  The British force managed to hang on for quite a while, sending the first French forces that tried to cross the bridge routing off the table.

One of the perils of war in the North American wilderness: Wild animal attack!
 The French player then managed to get another unit half way across and some suprressive volley fire on the nearest militia units while letting the Indians pass through and charge into hand to hand.

Sharpshooter targets French Captain but only scores a wound.

The right flank militia flees into the woods after a thrashing by Indian melee weapons.

One militia group was run off, the second managed to pull back to a second breastwork but the flood of French forces across the bridge could not be stopped.  Despite a dramatic firefight that stopped one Indian charge in its tracks and repulsing one unit of French Marines in fisticuffs, the holdout British Lieutenant and his brave militia band succumbed to the 3rd wave of Indian tomahawks.

Last stand of Lt. Buckles.

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  1. Your terrain and miniatures are great! Sharp Practice is an excellent set of rules and we are having a lot of fun with it as well. Please have a look at our efforts in a similar vain in Indostan (India).