Saturday, March 28, 2015

GURPs: The Armory of Azog, Part 2

Another illuminated installment of the adventures of  Templar Grand Knight Sir Hiffin.

When we last left our humble narrator, he and his group were descending even further into the orc stronghold on an ancient dwarvish elevator that was gaining speed rapidly, as the brake mechanisms failed.  With the blessings of Arken, Father Wolfgang was able to levitate everyone in the group before the final impact at the bottom of the shaft.
Alas, there was no respite at the bottom, for the orcs inhabited these areas as well and they came pouring in like mad dogs to do harm to yours truly.

There are 5 ways to go.  The west is filled with oncoming orcs.  Sir Hiffin sends King Oswald, Sir Moore and Father Wolfgang to stop them.  He sends Mugabe to check the north passage while he checks the south.
The south is a dead end, a small room with orcs.
Father Wolfgang uses his holy light to blind the orcs while Sir Moore and the King lay into them with blades.
Mugabe peeks beyond the door to find a large chamber filled with orcs and a giant troll.  He attempts to brace the door with his engineering skill.
It does not hold as the orcs break through.   "Oh, No!  Many bad things coming!"  He cries in alarm.

"Mugabe's flank has collapsed.  They're coming in behind us!  Fall back to the Southeast!"  commands Sir Hiffin.
Father Oswald has found a blocked passage to the southeast.  "If the orcs are afraid of something down here, it may be an ally.  Move the barricade Mugabe!"
Sir Hiffin inspires Mugabe to faster action while fending off an ogre.
"Yes Sir!"  Mugabe works up a sweat pushing the stone table away.
Sir Moore and King Oswald attempt a fighting retreat but one of the cowardly orcs strikes the King in the ankle, crippling his foot.
The war trolls giant club sweeps around the room, promising instant death to whatever it connects with.
In a brave move, Sir Moore grabs the King and supporting him, they both run for the southeast passage, narrowly ducking a sweep from the troll's weapon.  The indiscriminate sweeping of the troll's attacks slows the orcs, who are not eager to get in way.
The passage is open.  Father Oswald begins the descent down a cavernous passage.
Things look desperate.  Encumbered by the King's injured ankle, it doesn't look like they will outrun the troll.
The troll closes in for the kill.
Suddenly brave Father Wolfgang rushes in, distracting the troll from the King and Sir Moore.  He dodges to attacks that smash the floor and wall to bits.
Meanwhile, Mugabe has lined an arrow up on the troll and fires into its eye.  The troll stops its reckless advance.  Covering its face with an arm, it makes blind swipes at the hallway.  The group bravely runs away down the passage.
They find themselves lower in the complex and encounter some orc scouts and some dead dwarves.  They also meet a helpful surface orc named Ding that tells them of the dwarven kingdom nearby and its guardians.
The first guardian is an earth elemental named Goldfinger.  He is bribed with the gift of an earth stuffed orc.
The second guardian is a golem.  He eventually lets 1 unarmed party member pass to parley with the dwarves.
Father Oswald stands at the drawbridge and talks with the dwarves.
They come out and meet the group.
After our intentions are determined to be honorable, Sir Hiffin and party are allowed to meet the King.  They agree to help us reach the Inner Armory of Azog in return for a share of its treasures.  The dragon that guards it, however, is up to us.
The Inner Armory is guarded by Grund, 2nd generation Black 100, keeper of the Red Pits. (a mere 2400 points)   Sneaking passed is unlikely, fighting is suicide...
"What are we to do?" asks the party.
"Make a deal!" says Sir Hiffin.  Indeed the Grund is bound to the area and desires freedom.  Using his charm, Sir Hiffin negotiates the dragon's release and exit without killing them on the way out.  This is agreeable to all, and the dragon is unlocked from its magical collar and goes smashing its way out of the complex, taking some orc lives on the way.  Sir Hiffin gives the dragon a copy of his book as the first tribute to his dragon horde.   Grund is last seen flying west, perhaps Sir Hiffin implied these were lush lands for a dragon to explore (Sorry Philipe)
Finally the armory is unlocked!
"What a lot of junk!"
to be continued....