Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cold War Commander: Spring Offensive

A 6mm modern game using Cold War Commander rules.  US forces in a hasty defense vs. a Soviet offense.
Soviets enter from top right.  Their objective is to clear the fields in the lower left of photo.

Soviet left flank has 2 armored battalions advancing.

US drop infantry into the town objective they intend to defend.
Town objective is supported by 1 US company and the US tank company on the hill.

The soviets push the left flank hard.

The battalion closest to taking the town is pretty much shot to pieces.
The soviet attacks in the center and right cause casualties on the US forces, but they do not cover much ground towards their objective.

The soviet right flank attack stalls, although they push the US forces back.

At the end of turn 6 the soviets have not reached their objective, and the US holds the town, even choppering in some reinforcements.  The soviets did however inflict greater casualties on the US forces and took them to their breakpoint so it was a minor (and costly) victory to the US.