Monday, April 29, 2013

Playcation 2013: AWI big game

The results are in for Playcation 2013. There was a massive AWI game, featuring 5 players and just about every 28mm figure we own.
It was a fictitous contest featuring French, Germans, British and Americans slogging it out over a village and surrounding woodland. The British side managed to take most of the town but put too little on the woodland side of the table, losing those objectives to the Americans.
Miniatures are mostly Perry/Foundry 28mm.  Rules are (heavily) modified This Very Ground.
The battlefield.  Americans to left, French to back left.  British to right.

The intrepid American general.

The American militia deploy on the road coming out of the woods.  Some head up the mountain to secure one objective.

American guns atop the mountain.

British cavalry showing off.  Actually deployed elsewhere.

American regulars and French cavalry.

Deployment on the village side.   French infantry and guns near 1 objective marker.
The British right flank.  Cavalry, Light infantry and Hessians.

French left flank.

AMericans start to advance but create a traffic jam for several turns as they are plagued with failing morale from Hessian Jaeger sniper fire and unlucky activation cards.

The Hessians start to push up the right flank.

The center remains clear.  A 2 point objective marker in the middle of the road.  A 1 point marker in the foreground is covered by Hessian ammussette teams that are out of sight behind the tree.

Fighting on the right flank heats up between Hessians and French.

French regulars and grenadiers trade volleys with the Germans.

British forces in their deployment zone slow to get into action.

French guns take aim at a British unit.

British unit comes within range of the guns but veers off at last minute to avoid the grapeshot.

Light infantry snipes at the French gun crews from the houses.
British cavalry makes a charge at the French guns.  A bloody but unsuccessful gamble.
The French guns remain in control of the objective point, backed up by American infantry,

On the woodland side of the fight the Americans are having a hard time advancing against the Hessians Jaegers.
Maybe the Patriot and his boys can turn the tide!?

The Hessian Jaegers are few in number but their fire is accurate and demoralizing.
Finally American riflemen are in position to return fire and the Jeagers numbers dwindle.

Americans are finally able to charge against the pinned down Jaegers and flush them out of the woods.

French cavalry run down the fleeing amusette crews.

Mel and company grab the last woodland objective.  Victory to the US/French 7-3