Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fallout GURPS: Kingston Ambush

Another installment in the Hudson Valley Fallout campaign using old school GURPS rules.  This time the vault dwellers are headed back to base in their APC when it is ambushed by a platoon of Canadian Queen's Rangers in the ruins of Kingston.
As the APC rounds a corner it hits a land mine, busting a track.

Scout Sniper Uncas attempts to reverse out of the ambush zone but rolls a critical failure and gets the vehicle stuck.  He then bails out while Corporal Mara uses the rocket launcher to...

...blow up the barricade down the street.

Queens rangers swarm around the buildings on all sides.

As the team debuses under fire they are ambushed from all sides.  Fortuneatly they are armed mostly with primitive hunting rifles and only light wounds are sustained.

2 Elite Rangers flank around the ambush site but one is killed by Uncas sniper rifle and another is felled by a dramatic face shot an instant before he was about to open fire on one of the NPC's.

In a last desperate gamble the Rangers charge through a smoke screen at the APC.

They are cut down in a hail of automatic weapons fire and the remaining troops withdraw to give a disappointing report to the Queen of Quebec.   The vault dwellers have a brief respite in which to repair their APC and formulate their next move.