Wednesday, December 17, 2014

40mm miniatures

A British sailor from Miniature Service Center/ Trident designs.

(Left to right) Perry, Trident, Graven Images

Sunday, December 14, 2014

GURPS: The White Cloaks: The Dreyfuss Affair

The Templar find themselves at odds with their Saxon neighbors in Province Duo, to the south.  Tensions run high as both sides accuse the other of murder and raiding.
Grand Knight Sir Joshua Hiffin is called upon to take his newly raised Lightning Company to the border town of Pip to investigate the murder of four Templar monks.
The forces of Duo have crossed into Pip and executed the monks in reprisal for several violent incidents that they blame on the Templar.  Their army (small as it is) waits on the border, blocking the pass.
Both provinces are on the verge of civil war.

An illuminated dispatch from Grand Knight Sir Joshua Hiffin.
As quick with his wits as with his blade, Sir Hiffin convinced Baron Palmer, acting constable of Duo, to allow him to enter their territory for two days to investigate the disturbances.
Baron Palmer insisted that only 4 may enter and they must do so unarmed and escorted by his son, Sir Nigel.
Deprived of essential equipment and more or less prisoners of their soon to be enemies, Sir Hiffin, Father Wolfgang, Squire Mugabe and Brother Piroutte (npc) were escorted to Anthrax Convent.
Brother Piroutte discovered that his old mentor, Mother Superior Agatha, had passed away.  More disturbing, while praying at her grave he discovered her soul was missing.  Someone had "soul jar"ed it and taken it away.  The last visitor was a Marnese Prince of the Church.  He had also freed the Princess Duval of her curse (The White Cloaks had rescued her some months ago).  Inquiring about the Princess it was revealed she had been taken on tour of the country by a Sister Darrow.  Tracing her steps the Templar discovered that Sister Darrow had traveled to every village just before there was a disturbance/attack.  An unfortunate co-incidence?  Sir Hiffin decided to meet Sister Darrow and fjnd out.  Tracking them to the Earl's court, they were invited guests in the castle.
Father Wolfgang uses his powers on the "nuns" attending the door and feels they are not friends.
Inside, the find Sister Darrow and 12 nuns along with the Lady Duval who is pleased to see her rescuers again.  Using his powers again, Father Wolfgang determines that except for the girl, these are all demons under illusion disguise.
Weaponless and outnumbered, Sir Hiffin decides discretion is better and talks their way out of the room without alerting the demons we were on to their scheme.
Our escorts, Sir Nigel and his squire Benjamin were brought in to the plan.  When the "nuns" at the door were lured away and ambushed they saw the demons for what they really were.  Convinced now that the Templar were not the source of the disturbances, they agreed to help and we accessed the armory to equip ourselves for combat.
Back to the Sisters' chamber,  Mugabe was first into the breach, although he triggered a trap on the door that withered his left arm.
"Ah, you're back," said Sister Darrow with a sinister grin.
"Evil demon!" Shouted Mugabe "We shall return you to Hell!"
"So be it!" Sister Darrow hisses and all pretense are dropped as the nuns morph into weapon wielding demons.
Mugabe points out the traps on the floor and rushes to the right flank to engage the archers.
Sir Hiffin enters next, while Father Wolfgang clears the glyphs on the floor with holy fire.
As Father Wolfgang enters the room with his Lantern of Holy Light held high, most of the demon minions flee in fear.  The Arch demon, however, is made of sterner stuff and Wolfgang and Hiffin  narrowly dodge a large "death touch" strike.
(The Sir Hiffin figure just got a make over after 20+ years of gaming service.  It now has the proper Templar livery)
The arch demon is surrounded by (l to r) Wolfgang, Squire Benjamin, Squire Mugabe, Sir  Hiffin.
Squire Benjamin lands a solid blow which knocks the demon to the floor!
Success is short lived, however.  In reprisal, the demon "dazes" Squire Ben and slides its sword through his skull.
The remaining companions quickly beat the demon into its just reward.  Mission accomplished?
While the demonic plot has been revealed, its damage is far reaching, and the mastermind is still at large.